🔧Configure neurons

In order to be able to manage the neurons via the Gold DAO dashboard, they need to be correctly configured. All that is needed is to add the user's principal from the dashboard as a hotkey to each of your neuron and register it on the dashboard. This will let the dashboard know that the user is the rightful owner of the neuron. The guide below explains each step of how to add a neuron to the dashboard.

💡Note: It is only possible to add a neuron to one account. If you want to move your neuron from one account to another, remove the neuron from the old account and remove the old hotkey.

As most people use the NNS dApp to manage their neurons, this guide focuses on this workflow.

⚠️ Attention: When logging into the Gold DAO dashboard with the same Internet Identity as you have on the NNS dApp, you will receive a different principal. This is due to the nature of how Internet Identity works. That is why you are conneting your neurons via hotkeys to this dashboard. Learn more about this here.

Adding neuron hotkeys

  1. Login to the Gold DAO dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the rewards page

  1. Click on the "+" to add a neuron

  1. A modal will appear that shows your principal. Copy your principal and go to the next step.

  1. Open a new window and login to the NNS dApp with your Internet Identity which holds your neurons. Go to the "Neuron Staking" section and select the neuron that you want to add. On the neuron's page, scroll down to hotkeys and click on "Add Hotkey". Enter your principal that you copied in step 4.

  1. Copy your Gold DAO neuron ID from the NNS dApp.

  1. Go back the Gold DAO dashboard and paste your neuron ID into the field of the modal and click on "Confirm".

  1. You may need to resfresh the page. The neuron should now appear in your list of neurons 🎉

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