NNS neurons

The Gold DAO has staked 70% of its initially raised ICP funds from the SNS token swap in NNS neurons. These 70% are split between 7 neurons, one is staked for 2 years, and 6 others are stacked for 8 years. The staking rewards from these neurons are dedicated to different purposes and parts going to the SNS voting participants.

Details about the NNS neurons can be fetched by calling the list_neurons() method of the icp_neuron canister. The NNS neurons are the following

Whenever one of the neurons reaches 1'000 ICP maturity, this maturity is spawned into a new neuron and after seven days, is disbursed to the different recipients. The reward recipients are the following:


Gold DAO governance rewards


Gold DAO buy back & burn


Gold DAO liquidity and listings


The Good DAO (humanitarian causes)


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