Gold DAO - Dashboard

What is the Gold DAO Dashboard?

The Gold DAO Dashboard is a centralized platform designed to provide participants with comprehensive insights into their engagement with the Gold DAO ecosystem. It offers a user-friendly interface for accessing real-time data on GLD Gov tokens, managing neurons owned by the DAO, and claiming rewards. The dashboard enhances the overall user experience by simplifying account management and participation in governance activities.

What information is available on the Gold DAO Dashboard?

The Gold DAO Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your involvement in the Gold DAO ecosystem, providing essential information and functionalities to enhance your participatory experience. Here's what you can access:

  • GLD Gov Token Overview: This section allows you to access real-time analytics and detailed insights on the GLD Gov tokens, including distribution, total supply, circulation, and staking details. It's designed to help you monitor the market performance and make informed decisions regarding your investments.

  • Neuron Ownership Details: You can view detailed information about the neurons owned by the DAO, such as their voting power, the proposals they've voted on, and the rewards they've generated. This level of transparency is aimed at encouraging active participation in governance.

  • Rewards Claiming: The dashboard includes a dedicated area for claiming your GLDGov, ICP, and OGY rewards. This feature simplifies the process, allowing you to easily access the rewards you've earned through governance participation and contributions to the ecosystem.

  • Personal Account Management: Manage your account settings from the dashboard, including viewing your token holdings, neuron status, and adjusting your staking preferences. This provides centralized control over your participation and investments within the Gold DAO ecosystem, making it easier to manage your engagement and contributions.

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