Gold DAO - Ecosystem Tokens

  • Purpose: Governance tokens for the Gold DAO ecosystem.

  • Functionality: Holders of GLDGov tokens have voting rights on decisions within the Gold DAO project, including but not limited to proposals on project development, protocol changes, and other governance matters. These tokens are integral for participating in the democratic process of the DAO, ensuring that the project remains decentralized and driven by its community.

  • Purpose: Represent ownership of specific physical gold bullions in a digital form.

  • Functionality: These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) act as digital certificates of ownership for specific bullions of physical gold, providing a direct link between the holder and the physical asset. The creation and management of GLD NFTs leverage the Origyn Protocol on the ICP blockchain, ensuring authenticity, security, and immutability of ownership records.

  • Benefits: Holders of GLD NFTs benefit from owning real physical gold with the flexibility and security of blockchain technology. These NFTs can be traded on platforms compliant with the necessary regulatory standards (like KYC/AML), facilitating a new market for gold trading within the crypto space.

GLDT (In Motion)
  • Purpose: Indicated in future plans and discussions, GLDT tokens are envisioned to be a fungible representation of gold value within the ecosystem, likely facilitating transactions, liquidity, and possibly acting as a stablecoin pegged to the value of gold. The specifics of GLDT tokens, including their exact role and mechanics, are subject to further clarification as the project evolves.

USDG (Planned)
  • Purpose: A fiat stablecoin backed by physical gold, mentioned as part of Gold DAO's phase 3 development plans.

OGY (ORIGYN Protocol)
  • Purpose: Tokens associated with the Origyn Protocol, which is utilized within the Gold DAO ecosystem for the certification and digital representation of physical gold.

  • Functionality: The specific role of OGY tokens within the Gold DAO ecosystem was not detailed in the provided documents, but generally, in ecosystems like Origyn, such tokens are used to facilitate transactions, pay for services, and reward participants within the protocol.

  • Connection to Gold DAO: The Gold DAO holds a significant amount of stacked OGY tokens, aligning its interests with the ORIGYN Protocol and leveraging this partnership to enhance the tokenization and certification of physical gold.

ICP (Internet Computer Protocol)
  • Purpose: The ICP token serves as the utility and governance token for the Internet Computer ecosystem, created by the DFINITY Foundation. It plays a crucial role in facilitating the operations, governance, and economic functions within this decentralized network.

  • Functionality: ICP tokens are integral to the governance and operation of the Internet Computer Protocol, enabling token holders to participate in decision-making through the Network Nervous System (NNS), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Token holders can lock tokens to form neurons for voting on network proposals, thereby influencing upgrades and expansions while earning rewards in additional ICP tokens for active governance participation. Additionally, ICP tokens can be converted into cycles to fund computation on the network, using a "reverse-gas" model that eliminates transaction fees for end users. Lastly, tokens are also staked by node providers who manage the network's infrastructure, ensuring their commitment to the network's success and health in exchange for compensation in ICP tokens.

  • Connection to Gold DAO: The Gold DAO holds a significant amount of staked ICP tokens. ICP rewards are distributed to GLDGov holders through the Gold DAO Dashboard.

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